[Rpcemu] Full screen problems

David Gee david_m_gee at blueyonder.co.uk
Wed Apr 22 09:39:39 PDT 2015

I'm having difficulty running RPCEmu 0.8.12 in full screen mode, both on 
Linux and Windows, although the symptoms are different.

On Windows (8.1), RPCEmu nearly always crashes on attempting to select 
full screen mode--the chances of a successful outcome are highest when 
the *average* MIPS value shown in the title bar is highest. On the rare 
occasions when I *do* achieve this, RPCEmu works correctly.

On Linux (Lubuntu 14.04 LTS), there is no problem in selecting full 
screen mode. However, the mouse cursor 'sticks' to the top left hand 
corner and no longer behaves correctly. This is with the mouse pointer 
in 'follows host pointer' mode as if this is no selected the mouse does 
not work correctly on Linux in any case--even in windowed mode.

If I then return to windowed mode normal operation is not restored as 
the mouse pointer disappears.

David Gee

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