[Rpcemu] Full-screen mode - LINUX version

David Gee david_m_gee at blueyonder.co.uk
Fri Apr 24 08:53:51 PDT 2015

I've managed to correct the full-screen problem in RPCEMU (Linux
version) which caused the mouse pointer to behave abnormally. The mouse
pointer also behaves abnormally if "Follows host mouse" is deselected.

To fix the problem:

Edit rpcemu.h

Change line 70 from:

#define mousehack (config.mousehackon && !fullscreen)


#define mousehack (config.mousehackon)

This seems to work OK in full-screen mode now (but do NOT deselect
"follows host mouse" whether in full-screen mode or not!)

I don't see any easy way of fixing the (different) problem in the
Windows version.

Dr David Gee

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