[Rpcemu] Patch for HostFS file name translation on Windows

alan buckley alan_baa at hotmail.com
Mon Nov 2 05:43:58 PST 2015

I’ve attached a patch for hostfs.c (made using diff –u) to fix the problem 
the “?”. “<” and “>” characters when they are used in HostFS on Windows.
It translates them to “#”, "$" and "^" in Windows which matches some
documentation I've seen on DOSFS.

I have a Google test to test them if you require, but it's easy to do it
by hand, at the CLI just try.

*create a?b
*create a<b
*create a>b

These will fail before the patch is applied.

Can some one apply this to the RPC Emu code please?

Alan Buckley 
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