[Rpcemu] RPCEmu and MacOSX

Martin rinfo at avisoft.f9.co.uk
Wed Apr 20 09:41:55 PDT 2016

I have just installed RPCEmu 0.8.14 on a Mac running OSX 10.10.5, and
have been suprised how much progress I managed to make. I installed the
RO5.22 rom and matching HardDisc without any real problems, and it now
boots nicely. The notes on the ROOL Wiki were invaluable. 

However, I did find some major usage problems probably caused by my lack
of knowledge of OSX and Mac hardware.

The keyboard is a smallish wireless one, probably a predecessor of the
current Magic Keyboard, as the key layout looks very similar. It has F1
to F12 along the bottom of the top row of keys ... but I tried many
combinations of Shift, FN, Alt & Ctrl keys and none seemed able to get me
to a command line (or window). The Mac user never uses F keys!

The mouse is a touch wireless one, probably a predecessor of the current
Magic Trackpad, as it looks very similar... but has no buttons at all. A
sharp press anywhere on it seems to simulate a Select-click ok, but I
have found no way to simulate either Menu-click or Adjust-click.

I was hoping to set it up for one specific use so a Mac user could run a
small program I have written, so Select-click will enable that, and I
could write a small program to do TaskManager_Shutdown instead of using
Menu->Shutdown or Shift-Ctrl-F12. However, it would be nice if I could
occasionally use a command line and Menu and Adjust (even if I needed an
app to emulate them!).

Does anyone know whether TeamViewer will enable me to control RPCEmu on a
Mac from my PC?

Thanks for any clues!


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