[Rpcemu] This geriatric is confused...

Gerald Holdsworth gerald at hollypops.co.uk
Sat Jan 2 01:45:54 PST 2016

You don’t mention which version of RISC OS you have on RPCEmu. However, whatever version you have, you will need a !Boot sequence installed into your HostFS, for a start. Best place to start for downloads would be www.riscosopen.org.uk. This is the site of the actively developed version of RISC OS (which is currently at 5.22, stable, or 5.23, beta). Here you can download the latest RISC OS, and a !Boot sequence.

The hard disc image needs to be downloaded from the RPCEmu website (as per the user guide on the site) - however, I’d stick with using HostFS, especially if you’re going to use RISC OS 5. You might need to tell the system to use HostFS as the default boot drive (press F12, and type *CONFIGURE FileSystem HostFS, IIRC).

The CD-ROM needs to be attached, using the RPCEmu menus (not RISC OS menus). This can either be a physical CD in your computer’s drive, or an ISO image of one.



From the MacBook Air of Gerald Holdsworth

> On 2 Jan 2016, at 00:04, zed <zed at zed.net.nz> wrote:
> Using RPcEmu v0.812 on a desktop computer running LinuxMint v17.3 Rosa
> with the Mate Desktop Environment.
> Details of my computer are: 
> Motherboard: ASUSTeK Computer INC. M5A78L-M LX PLUS
> CPU: AMD FX(tm)-4100 Quad-Core Processor
> RAM: 4GiB
> Graphics card: NVIDIA Corporation GF108 [GeForce GT 430]
> I haven't used RISC OS since 2006 when I migrated to Linux and have
> forgotten the skills I learned during the time I had my A5000 and RiscPC
> with RISC OS 4.02.  So I seek the help of the mailing list members to try
> and renew my knowledge.  
> When I launch RPCEmu the screen is small (about 170mm x 130mm) and I can
> find no way to make it bigger. 
> Question: How do I change that, please? 
> If I click on the Display icon I am informed that the resolution is 256
> colours and the resolution 640 x 480 and Frame rate is shown as Unknown.
> All options to change it are greyed out!
> Question:  How do I change the resolution to the monitor's default 1920 x
> 1080 at 60Hz or something better than what I have at present, please?
> In HostFS the only file is Network.  
> Question: What else should I put in there and how do I do it, please?
> If I click on the Hard Drive (4) icon I get the error message "Disc not
> understood - has it been formatted?  
> Question: How do I proceed to format, please?
> Inserting a CD and clicking on the CD icon returns an error message
> "CD-ROM drive empty"  Same message when clicking on the floppy disc drive
> (the computer does have a Floppy disc drive - it is vintage 2006 -
> upgraded with new motherboard,graphics card and additional RAM in 2009). 
> Question: What have I missed doing correctly, please?
> I have my original floppy discs/CDs for all the applications I used in my
> RISC OS days and trust they will work on RPCEmu?
> Question:  Should I expect any problems with any programs?  Would updates
> be available for OvationPro, ArtWorks, Eureka etc?
> Any assistance will be much appreciated.  If any member wishes to take
> this to email, the From address is valid.
> Rregards from New Zealand on a very wetr Saturday afternoon.
> David
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> zed
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