[Rpcemu] Networking - RCPemu v0.8.14 Win 10 64 bit v1703

Chris Craig chris.j.craig at btinternet.com
Sat Oct 21 05:49:05 PDT 2017

I have followed the instructions regarding the PC set up for 
Networking but have been unable to get it working. Are we sure these 
instructions will work on Win 10 64 bit?

Win Network connections show 3

Ethernet, Net 2, Status connected.

Network Bridge
No Network access

rpcemu, TAP Windows Adapter v9
Not connected

I presume the settings on the RO side would be the same as on my ARMX6 
regarding the gateway & DNS. It does not report a Network not 
available error on start up.

I wonder if anyone might have time to help me with this?


chris.j.craig at btinternet.com
ARMX6 Cortex-A9 RISC OS 5.23

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