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Gerald Holdsworth gerald at hollypops.co.uk
Fri Dec 14 04:39:43 PST 2018

Just had a look over the riscos.info page - not entirely sure where the link to my document would fit in as, although it covers a part of RISC OS (i.e. Filecore/ADFS), is not specific to it.

If anyone wants to add it in, please feel free - you have my permission to publish this anywhere (although if you just put a link to the document, as I will update it from time to time as and when I discover more).

Going back to the original question - Reuben, the offset you refer to (&FC1) points directly into the disc record, with the &200 byte header added on the top of the file (so it is an actual HDF file created by an emulator). Just zeroing these values will not make the file readable by an emulator. You will need to recreate the disc record, and details are in my document (and the Programmer's Reference Manual).



On 14/12/2018, 09:59, "Gerald Holdsworth" <rpcemu-bounces at riscos.info on behalf of gerald at hollypops.co.uk> wrote:

    Hi Ralph,
        Do you know why Googling for `site:geraldholdsworth.co.uk disc image'
        doesn't find it?  Neither does
        `site:geraldholdsworth.co.uk filetype:pdf'.  Are you restricting
        Google's access in some way?
    I have no idea - I don't use Google (nor do I usually search for my own sites). I've done nothing to restrict any search engine or any web bots on any of my sites.
        Can I suggest you also work a mention into the wiki at
    It was posted on Stardot. I tried to put a link on Wikipedia but their Gestapo took it off, because I was posting a link to my own document on my own site and claimed that it had no references to other sources (which it does) or can be proved (which it was, as it was written alongside some code also on the same site). But I will look into the RiscOS Wiki.
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