[Rpcemu] Patch for 0.9.1 - Mac keyboard support

David Pitt pittdj at pittdj.co.uk
Mon Dec 17 04:47:05 PST 2018

Timothy Coltman, on 19 Nov, wrote:

> Hello all
> Please find attached a ZIP archive (169K) containing a patch for RPCEmu
> 0.9.1 that implements keyboard support for OS X/macOS.

Thanks for the patches, a build is running well on this Mojave 10.14.2 iMac
using QT5 5.12.0.


> There are a few things to note:
> 1. The keyboard mimics that of a RISC PC,

Keyboard mappings have been setup within RISC OS, using the KeyMapper module
and the freeware iMacKB app, as supplied with VRPC, to match the small Apple
Magic Keyboard. As there is no Break key the key to the left of "1" has been
hijacked. Do I need § and ± more than alt-Break!!


> Please note that there is no networking support. 

In lieu of networking Moonfish NFS serves on the Titanium can be seen in
RPCEmu with symlinks and the Finder's "Connect to server", and similarly
with samba for pen inserted in the router.

> Any comments and suggestions would be appreciated.

One little snag is that RISC OS time is not maintained over sleep and other
circumstances where RPCEmu is hidden such as not being on the current
desktop. The workaround was to reinstate the SyncClock module. That works
just fine with ROL ROMs bit OS5 seems to get locked in GMT. This issue is
nothing to do with the Mac patches the same thing happens on a Linux build
in a VM on the same Mac.

Thanks again.
David Pitt

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