[Rpcemu] Config-free networking work-in-progress (was: Patch for 0.9.1 - Mac keyboard support)

tim at powys.org tim at powys.org
Wed Dec 26 07:54:41 PST 2018

> On 25 Nov 2018, at 11:32 pm, Theo Markettos <theo at markettos.org.uk> wrote:
> On Thu, Nov 22, 2018 at 07:32:32PM +0000, Matthew Howkins wrote:
>> I have previously done some work integrating Slirp with RPCEmu, and got
>> further than you, because I can send and receive network packets :)
> That's good to know.  I'm sure your proof-of-concept is better than mine :)
> (I have previously dug out the QEMU networking code on another project, but
> quite a lot of QEMU came with it.  We should be releasing this in a few
> weeks, but I don't think the codebase will necessarily be helpful here)
>> I expect that there's still a lot to do on networking, but the long-term
>> plan is definitely to go with Slirp (or if not Slirp, something
>> equivalent). This would become the recommended networking option, and the
>> most portable option.
> That sounds like a good plan.  It would seem to make more sense to work on
> that rather than platform-specific TUN/TAP code.
> Theo

I've been having a bit of sick leave (from retirement) so am only now getting back to the mailing lists and can reply to this exciting note of a month ago.

I am enormously thrilled by this thread as it looks like there is now a chance that RISC OS may run with networking under RPCEMU on a Mac.  Thanks to all concerned in these developments.

My coding days are totally over.  But if anyone wants, or needs, a Mac for testing purposes, I do have two old ones that I could put out on indefinite loan.  The trouble with them is that they won't run the latest macOS, Mojave, though do run all macOS up to that.  So, if it really is vital for this development for someone to have a Mac running current macOS for testing, or other purpose to do with this project, I could be persuaded to provide a new model Mac Mini which would run Mojave and be thoroughly up to date.  Mac Minis only need a keyboard and monitor to work.

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