[Rpcemu] RPCEmu (linux) Hangs on seeing uniboot (RO 3.71)

Michael Howard mike at dewberryfields.co.uk
Wed Nov 14 01:41:32 PST 2018

On 26/10/2018 10:39, Richard Walker wrote:
> On Thu, 25 Oct 2018, at 04:38, Bryan Hogan wrote:
>> In message <a7b85a11-151e-bbb7-ba8d-ae4d388f8a38 at dewberryfields.co.uk>
>>            Michael Howard <mike at dewberryfields.co.uk> wrote:
>>> Using any cpu configuration other that SA causes the emulator to hang as
>>> soon as it 'sees' the uniboot !Boot folder.
>> IIRC this is caused by the StrongARM version of the BootVars program
>> failing on any other cpu type. Maybe you could use a copy of BootVars
>> from an earlier uniboot?
> If there is an issue with BootVars, then I suspect later (post-Acorn?) builds
> will be fine.
> You can use the RISC OS 5 disc image (including the boot sequence) on
> versions of RISC OS right back to 3.1.
> Apart from historical interest, I'm not sure there is much reason to use
> the old Acorn boot sequence.
Revisiting this ....

Although the 'ARM710' option can indeed be used with the latest RISC OS 
5 disc image, networking doesn't then work with that image. An ip 
address, netmask, route etc can be assigned but no external connectivity 

The only apparent error when setting up networking is that in the 'Host 
names' dialog box, only the 'Host name' textbox is editable (the 
nameserver boxes are greyed out) and the 'Reset now' button doesn't work 
in the final dialog box.

Networking works with the RISC OS 3.7 Uniboot setup, but 'ARM710' does not.

So, my question is, as the only configuration setting that works here 
with Uniboot is 'StrongARM',  is RPCemu meant to be fully compatible 
with 'ARM710' and RISC OS 3.7? If so, how do I achieve it?

Using different versions of BootVars does not resolve the issue. I tried 
the newer version from the RISC OS 5 disc image (5.33 I think) and I 
can't find any versions older than the one included in Uniboot (5.0).

Mike Howard

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