[Rpcemu] Any fixes for certain games?

Steffen Huber steffen at huber-net.de
Thu Nov 15 03:28:22 PST 2018

> Leigh Randle <LeighRandle at hotmail.com> hat am 14. November 2018 um 21:15 geschrieben:
> Hi
> I’m a new user to RPCEmu and have been able to get some game
> ROMS to work. But one game I particularly wanted to work is
> 4th Dimension’s Apocalypse.

For Gaming purposes, for classic games, it is often better to
use Arculator instead of RPCEmu. Not all classic games are
Risc PC compatible, some are timing-sensitive, and RPCEmu is
not cycle-exact.

> However, I’ve seen this game working on YouTube with RPCEmu
> specifically, with the same RISK version but older version of RPCEmu.

My guess would be that there are multiple versions of
Apocalypse out there, with a new version possibly patched to
work on a Risc PC, while the original version possibly only
worked on Archimedes/RISC OS 3.1 machines.

I know that a lot of 4th Dimension games have multiple
versions out there - often "RISC OS 3.1x only" vs. "Risc PC compatible"
vs. "StrongARM compatible".

Another possibility would be that someone used GameOn or
StrongGuard to get Apocalypse running on RPCEmu.

The StrongGuard Game database however
does not mark Apocalypse as being made compatible.

> Are there any solutions to this? Or perhaps any  other places I can go to ask?

The Stardot forums are a good place to ask, also the JASPP forum.

Jon Abbott of JASPP will know if there are multiple versions of
Apocalypse floating around, he has catalgued every game in every
variant under the sun.

Have fun

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