[Rpcemu] Mount other Harddrives

Peter Howkins rpcemu.howkins at marutan.net
Thu Nov 15 08:58:59 PST 2018

> Q1) In RPCEmu Is there a way to Mount the Harddrives in the Host machine
> so they can be accessed from the icon bar as can be done in VRPC?

With multiple icons on the iconbar, no. However there is a workaround, but
please read and understand these caveats first

1) The webpage states "and all files used with it should be well backed up
before using them with RPCEmu.", this will now include any folders you
access via hostfs.

2) Due to the different way that windows/linux and RISC OS deal with
filetype information, windows/linux files that do not have a risc os
filetype that are loaded by a risc os app are often assigned one, this will
rename the file on the windows/linux filesystem. As you can imagine
renaming files that are used by windows/linux programs or the system can
render them unusable. (This is the same behaviour as VRPC).

3) If and when it all goes wrong, do not whinge here, you got warned, which
is more than VRPC has ever done.


Use the windows filesystem link tool to create a subfolder inside hostfs
that points to a different location on windows.

mklink /d FoldernameinHostFS PathToItemYouWantToLink

Open windows command prompt as administrator

cd c:/path/to/RPCEmu/hostfs
mklink /d C C:\
mklink /d D D:\
mklink /d X X:\

You will now have three directories inside your hostfs root folder that
link directly to the windows drives.

> Q2) I have a portable USB SSD drive (R:), is there a way to either access
> or mount that SSD in RPCEmu.

I believe this should work the same way as above but haven't tested it.

mklink /d R R:\

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