[Rpcemu] RPCEmu 0.9.1

Peter Howkins rpcemu.howkins at marutan.net
Wed Oct 24 10:07:28 PDT 2018

A new version of RPCEmu is available, 0.9.1
Changes in this release

User Interface
 - A screenshot can be saved of the current display, by choosing 'Take
   Screenshot...' from the File menu.
 - Entering full-screen mode displays a reminder of how to leave this
   mode. The message can be hidden by ticking the checkbox.
 - Choosing 'Reset' or 'Exit' from the File menu will request confirmation
   before taking the action.
 - The CD-ROM sub-menu has moved to the Disc menu.

 - The EtherRPCEm driver module now works with RISC OS Select 3 or later
   (4.39 - 6.20).
 - Networking configuration now requires fewer steps to be performed in
   RISC OS as a result of the following changes. The documentation has
   been updated to reflect this.
 - The driver module is now provided directly by the networking
   podule. This means there is no need to install the driver in the Boot
 - The driver module is now 26/32-bit neutral. This means that there is no
   need to install an updated SharedCLibrary for the network driver. Note,
   you may well still need this update for application compatibility.
 - The driver module now auto-installs AutoSense file in Boot sequence.

 - The Create-Dir, Rename and Save entry points now return an error if
   part of the path is invalid, instead of saving the file to a wrong

  - Keys can no longer get 'stuck' if held down when interacting with GUI

Other fixes
 - Some potential crash scenarios when resetting/exiting have been fixed.

 - Shift-F10 key-presses are now passed through to the emulated machine,
   instead of invoking the Windows context menu handler.
 - If you are using a keyboard layout with 'dead keys' (e.g.
   US-International) these key presses are now passed through. Dead keys
   are used to compose accented characters, and are not found on the UK
   keyboard layout.
 - The Windows executable has Data Execution Prevention (DEP) enabled.

All the keyboard fixes and the enabling of DEP are based on contributions by
J. Percival.

Matthew Howkins
Peter Howkins
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