[Rpcemu] RPCEmu at the RISC OS London Show, 26-10-2019

Timothy Coltman lists at maemagel.com
Mon Oct 21 10:53:56 PDT 2019

On 13 Oct 2019, at 08:56, Richard Torrens (lists) <Lists at Torrens.org> wrote:
> In article
> <CANc9Z=wsZhKt9Xm4nzJ5Z3i5aMH971ozanw2FmHAc5-AVRmWGA at mail.gmail.com>,
>   Peter Howkins <rpcemu.howkins at marutan.net> wrote:
>> We have added a third networking mode to RPCEmu that reduces the
>> configuration to just standard RISC OS configuration.
> Does this apply to the Mac OS version yet? Is it likely to?
> It would be useful, but I have decided I can make do without direct
> network access.

I think it would depend on what the underlying technology is.  If it's still TUN/TAP, as with the current release version, then no.  If it's something like what was discussed a few months ago (SLIRP?), then maybe.  Peter, could you provide some enlightenment on this?  

I'll probably need to revisit my Mac patches to make sure they work with the next release (unless they're included, of course!), so I'll no doubt have a look at networking as well (though my knowledge of networking on RISC OS is minimal).


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