[Rpcemu] RPCEmu 0.9.2

Peter Howkins rpcemu.howkins at marutan.net
Sat Oct 26 02:02:23 PDT 2019

A new version of RPCEmu is available, 0.9.2


Changes in this build

- Networking
  We have added a new networking mode, Network Address Translation, that
significantly reduces the effort required to setup.

  - Far fewer configuration steps
  - No need to run as root under Linux
  - No need to install and configure TAP drivers under Windows
  - Works with any host network, wired or wireless
  - Allows you to use DHCP in RISC OS for IP address configuration (if the
version of RISC OS supports it)
  - RPCEmu and RISC OS configuration does not need to be changed when the
host network changes

  Please see the updated network guide for more details;
  The EtherRPCEm ethernet driver now implements some statistics for frames
and errors.

- Floppy Discs

 We now support loading of DOS (.img) and ADFS L format (.adl) disc images
into the floppy drives.

- Other fixes

 Fix for crash in RISC OS 6, with 8MB VRAM, in hardware scrolling.

- Windows

 Due to changes in libraries we compile RPCEmu with, RPCEmu is no longer
compatible with or tested with
Windows XP or Windows Vista. The minimum version supported is now Windows 7.

Matthew Howkins
Peter Howkins
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