[Rpcemu] RPCEmu 0.9.2

dfeugey at ascinfo.fr dfeugey at ascinfo.fr
Sun Oct 27 09:35:17 PDT 2019

Le 2019-10-27 16:17, Steffen Huber a écrit :
> Hi David,
> DHCP gets as IP. Which is certainly not an IP address
> that my only DHCP server in the network would ever supply. Something
> is very wrong here and I am running out of ideas what to try.
I have also the IP

> By "not working" I mean that ifconfig -a shows that (in the static
> IP case) the IP address is correctly assigned, and route shows that
> the route to the router is correctly set, and DNS is correctly
> configured.

I remove all information in the DNS and Gateway configuration applet, 
and it works.
Here, I have as the gateway (auto configured) and no DNS.

> But pinging the router/DNS server does not work. Pinging
> any other machine on the network does not work. Name resolving
> obviously does not work, either.

I suspect you defined the gateway and DNS, and that's the reason why it 
does not work.


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