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Steffen Huber steffen at huber-net.de
Sun Oct 27 10:07:29 PDT 2019

Hi David,

> dfeugey at ascinfo.fr wrote
> Le 2019-10-27 16:17, Steffen Huber a écrit :
> > Hi David,
> > 
> > DHCP gets as IP. Which is certainly not an IP address
> > that my only DHCP server in the network would ever supply. Something
> > is very wrong here and I am running out of ideas what to try.
> > 
> I have also the IP

But presumably your router is somewhere at 10.x.x.x and is configured
to hand out addresses like 10.x.x.x. This is not the case for me.
My router is and is configured to hand out IPs via DHCP
between and (because the rest is reserved
for static IPs in my home network).

So if a device gets as an IP address here, there is
something very wrong.

> > By "not working" I mean that ifconfig -a shows that (in the static
> > IP case) the IP address is correctly assigned, and route shows that
> > the route to the router is correctly set, and DNS is correctly
> > configured.
> I remove all information in the DNS and Gateway configuration applet, 
> and it works.
> Here, I have as the gateway (auto configured) and no DNS.

Whatever I configure - either DHCP in the same way that works just fine
for any RISC OS 4 Select or RISC OS 5 machine, or static IP like I
do for the RISC OS 4 and previous machines - it does not work.

> > But pinging the router/DNS server does not work. Pinging
> > any other machine on the network does not work. Name resolving
> > obviously does not work, either.
> I suspect you defined the gateway and DNS, and that's the reason why it 
> does not work.

You suspect wrongly. And even if I did, there is no way that could
result in an IP address assignment like And it does not
make failure in static IP situation plausible at all.


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