[Rpcemu] RPCEmu 0.9.2

Peter Howkins rpcemu.howkins at marutan.net
Sun Oct 27 10:43:40 PDT 2019

At some point Steffen Huber <steffen at huber-net.de> wrote:
> I probably got confused by my RISC OS 4.02 installation not detecting
> a networking interface at all, then I read the docs and somehow jumped
> to the wrong conclusion (and after extracting AutoSense content from
> Mercurial, it DID detect the interface, which was probably even more
> confusing looking back now).

This is wrong, or rather you do not need to copy any autosense files in,
since version 0.9.1 (the previous release) the EtherRPCEm module will
automatically create the autosense files in the !Boot directory for you.

Can you tell me the contents of the 'netroms' directory in the RPCEmu
directory (alongside 'hostfs', 'roms', 'poduleroms' etc) there should
be one file 'EtherRPCEm,ffa'.

Can you tell me the output of '*help etherrpcem', it should be version
1.04 (06 Oct 2019) for version 0.9.2.

Can you double check that 'Network Address Translation' is selected in
Settings->Networking... windows. Only because you mentioned that you'd
hit the Bad PC bug on RISC OS 5 restart, this actually caused RPCEmu
to 'crash' out and not save its config (both these things are going
to get looked at).

I can't get networking to work. Neither on Windows 10, nor on Windows 7.
> Neither via WLAN nor via LAN. Neither running as Admin or not. Neither
> via DHCP nor via static IP. Neither with or without active Windows
> firewall. Neither with my usual RISC OS 5 and RISC OS 4 installations
> nor with a fresh reinstall of RISC OS 5.
> DHCP gets as IP. Which is certainly not an IP address
> that my only DHCP server in the network would ever supply. Something
> is very wrong here and I am running out of ideas what to try.
> is correct. NAT provides a 10.10.10.x network inside the RPCEmu
The DHCP server inside the RPCEmu binary will return as the IP

Check the above advice about the netroms directory, it appears the module
been loaded from the there and that your autosense hackery has loaded an
version (from your !System).

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