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Dave dave at triffid.co.uk
Sun Oct 27 13:40:16 PDT 2019

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> > A new version of RPCEmu is available, 0.9.2

> [Snippy]

> Excellent... good work folks...

> However, after spending some hours trying to get networking working, both
> Static (Preferred) and then DHCP not much luck.

> Problem is here I'm using RISC OS 6.20 the config options are different
> to 5.nn.

> The problem is undoubtedly mine not RPCEmus so I'll have another go at it
> tomorrow.

> Dave

Well... Interesting day...

I have two RPCEmu installs that need networking, a RISC OS 6.20 and a ROOL
RISC OS 5.27

Neither of them had active networking set up in the old bridge way...
Technical reasons I'll not expand upon...

After yesterday evenings fun and failures I set out with some purpose
today to sort it.

Yesterday I started to do a manual configure but that didn't work out, but
I did eventually managed to get them working via DHCP the easy peasy way.

New day, refreshed bonce and managed the ROOL RISC OS 5.27 manual
networking configuration without a hitch.

The RISC OS 6.20 was slightly more difficult as the Network config options
are a bit different, however with perseverance I got there in the end.

So I now have both RPCEmu 0.9.2 installs networking... Well within what
they can ATM manage.  ;-)

*So thanks for for all the work you must have done to achieve that...*



Lanman98 on RISC OS 6.20 networks okay.
Lanman98 on RISC OS 5.27 doesn't at all.

>From what I read...
ShareFS doesn't work at all... Can that please be on the list of things to
fix at some point as I normally use ShareFS a lot.

Printing over the network to the printers I have on my LAN works okay with
both 6.20 and 5.27.

Now a question...

On RISC OS 5.27

Upon starting the shutdown process we end up with a small pane that notes:
"The computer is now ready to be switched off"

Accompanied by a "Restart" button, if this button is clicked (I did want a
restart) a new pane is displayed with the following:

RPCEmu Fatal Error.
Bad PC fc001000 fc001000

RPCEmu vanishes... Dead and gone.

This happens every time the Restart button is clicked.

Any particular reason this is happening?

Obvious answer, don't use it...  :-)

FWIW. A restart action during the close down of RISC OS 6.20 does not fail
and reboots the RPCEmu.



Dave Triffid

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