[Rpcemu] V0.9.2 patch for Mac keyboard and networking support

Timothy Coltman lists at maemagel.com
Sun Oct 27 12:46:44 PDT 2019

Hello all

Following the release of 0.9.2, I have updated my Mac patches to work with this new release, and would like to submit this for inclusion in the proper source for the emulator.  This implements keyboard support, and also adds support for networking.

Attached is a ZIP file containing a "macosx" folder and a patch in unified "diff" format.  You should unpack this in the "rpcemu-0.9.2/src" folder and apply the patch from there, i.e.:

	patch -p0 -i ./rpcemu-0.9.2-mac-keyboard-patch.diff

The patch should successfully apply without error.  Next, change into the "qt5" folder, and type the following:

	make -j3

(Increase the 3 to however many cores you've got.)

This should produce an "rpcemu-interpreter.app" application in the top-level "rpcemu-0.9.2" folder.  Double-click to run in the normal way.  It should work in the same way as the previous Mac releases I've contributed to.

Please note that due to a recent update to OS X (at least in 10.14.6), dynamic recompilation does not work in that particular version of OS X.  I haven't upgraded to Catalina yet, but I suspect it's the same.  Older versions of the operating system should (?) be unaffected.

As ever, comments and bug reports are welcome.


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