[Rpcemu] New 0.9.2 Mac binary release

Timothy Coltman lists at maemagel.com
Thu Apr 23 12:03:10 PDT 2020

Hello all

I have built a binary for OS X of 0.9.2 which is now available for download:

https://github.com/Septercius/rpcemu-dev/releases <https://github.com/Septercius/rpcemu-dev/releases>

The binaries are distributed as a DMGs.  There is one for release builds and another for debug builds - most people will want the former.  Each DMG contains both the interpreter and recompiler variants, together with a folder named "Data" that contains the basic files you need to get the emulator up and running.  You'll need to add a RISC OS ROM to this.  Copy this "Data" folder to somewhere of your choice (and rename to suit).  If you've used the emulator before, you can use your existing set-up.

Running the emulator for the first time will prompt you to choose the location of this folder - press the "Select" button and navigate to the folder (make sure to choose the folder itself, not its parent).  Finally, click on the "OK" button and the emulator should start.

This release contains the following:

* V4 of my main Mac patch, including a working keyboard and support for recompiler builds running on High Sierra.
* The patch from David P. that fixes loading of the Ethernet module.
* The patch from Andrew H. that changes the application identifier to be different for interpreter and recompiler builds, enabling you to use both with mouse capture/full screen mode.
* Yesterday's patch that changes the magic key combination for exiting mouse capture mode to Ctrl+Command.

As ever, comments and bug reports relating to Mac support and the binaries are welcome, preferably via the GitHub issue tracker (to avoid cluttering up this list).


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