[Rpcemu] (no subject)

Dave dave at triffid.co.uk
Sat Jan 18 08:37:07 PST 2020

I have RPCEmu 0.9.2 running on a Win 10 Pro PC.

It is running RISC OS 5.27 and is Network enabled... I can browse okay
with Netsurf etc.

I have a vague recollection that it cannot connect with ShareFS, which is
why it doesn't see other RISC OS on the LAN here.

Am I correct in that vague notion?

LanMan98 version 2.06 will also not connect to the LAN and thus other
computers etc on the Local network, is there any particular reason why
this should be so?

Does anybody have a RPCEmu 0.9.2 running RISC OS 5.27 which does network
connect using LM98?


FWIW. A VRPC-DL install RISC OS 6.20 on the same Win 10 PC does connect to
the LAN okay.




Dave Triffid

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