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Dave dave at triffid.co.uk
Sat Jan 18 23:17:18 PST 2020

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> > In my VRPC-DL install I have a Mount on the Icon bar that connects to
> > a Directory (Moving stuff) inside the RPCEmu HostFS, so that's a sort
> > of get around the ShareFS problem... Really!

> Why can't you do that with RPCEmu?

Because RPCEmu has no mechanism from within it to set up and display a

Can't even mount a memory stick.
Unless you could explain how I might do it?  ;-) (Memory stick is F:\)

> HostFS is simply a collection of folders on your host machine's filing
> system. You can get at files from the host side by going into the hostfs
> folder, with no problem.

I understand that, but a lot of extra clunk work to do it... and on four
machines.  :-(

> Alternatively, and on an OS that supports proper symlinks, you can
> create symlinks in the HostFS root from the host side, to folders on the
> host that you wish to see in your HostFS::$ folder.

But don't understand that at all?

Bottom line is, with RPCEmu semi networking I can browse, I can post
email, but no connection with the other four computers on the LAN. 

Not in RISC OS (ShareFS) nor externally with LanMan98, so that rather
limits the use of a RPCEmu install.

Can't even connect to the NAS. (I use LanMan98 to connect).
Unless you know different.  :-)
Thanks for your thoughts.



Dave Triffid

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