[Rpcemu] (no subject)

dfeugey at ascinfo.fr dfeugey at ascinfo.fr
Sun Jan 19 01:19:30 PST 2020

Le 2020-01-18 23:17, Steve Fryatt a écrit :

>> Aside from myself, is there anyone out there using this version of 
>> RPCEmu,
>> if there is, Why?
> Yes, thanks. It provides a very viable, daily-use system.

Yes, it's fast and reliable. And perhaps soon perfect :)

"Reduce CPU Usage" is not working (well) with the latest version of RISC 
OS 5 (especially if you boot in CLI mode). It can be a problem if you 
want to use it to deploy RISC  OS apps on other computers. Once it will 
be corrected, I think I'll simply switch off all my Win32 dev in favor 
of RISC OS ones.

Ah, and a bridge for host printers would be fantastic.


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