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On 19 Jan, Dave wrote in message
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> > On 18 Jan, Dave wrote in message
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> > > In my VRPC-DL install I have a Mount on the Icon bar that connects to
> > > a Directory (Moving stuff) inside the RPCEmu HostFS, so that's a sort
> > > of get around the ShareFS problem... Really!
> > Why can't you do that with RPCEmu?
> Because RPCEmu has no mechanism from within it to set up and display a
> Mount.
> Can't even mount a memory stick. Unless you could explain how I might do
> it?  ;-) (Memory stick is F:\)

Put a symlink in the root of HostFS to point to F:? That's broadly speaking
what I would do on Linux, but as I said below, if your host OS doesn't do
symlinks, then you might be stuck.

> > Alternatively, and on an OS that supports proper symlinks, you can
> > create symlinks in the HostFS root from the host side, to folders on the
> > host that you wish to see in your HostFS::$ folder.
> But don't understand that at all? ?

My HostFS is at /home/steve/RPCEmu/RO5/hostfs

Within it, on the Linux side, there are some symlinks:

/home/steve/RPCEmu/RO5/hostfs/Development -> /home/steve/Development
/home/steve/RPCEmu/RO5/hostfs/Filestore -> /remote/filestore

The former is a folder in the root of my Linux home directory where all of
the RISC OS software development goes on; the latter is an NFS mount that
lets me see the generic file storage on the NAS.

Thus, on the RISC OS side, I can access


as if they were real directories (because as far as HostFS knows, they are
just that).

I'm fairly sure this arrangement was based on suggestions on this list
several years ago.

> Bottom line is, with RPCEmu semi networking I can browse, I can post
> email, but no connection with the other four computers on the LAN.

I can connect to other machines on the LAN fine, but then I'm using NFS for
that. I don't generally do RISC OS-RISC OS transfers, as I store data on the
NFS NAS for easy backup. Very little is stored locally on any machine.

Steve Fryatt - Leeds, England


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