[Rpcemu] Attempting to install ADFFS on RPCEmu using Mac 0.9.3a build

Luke Abraham theabro at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Jun 5 04:29:49 PDT 2020

Dear Richard,

Many thanks for this.

> That information on the JASPP site is extremely specific to the Pi and
> RISC OS 5.  It's the easiest way to get the old games working.  ADFFS (the
> key compatibility software behind JASPP) actually works on original
> Archimedes hardware, Risc PC hardware, and the more modern RISC OS
> platforms such as the Pi (covering RISC OS 3.1, 3.[5/6/7], 4.0 and 5).
> !Boot.Loader is specific to the RISC OS 5 Pi distribution, so you won't
> find it on a real Risc PC or RPCEmu (remember, RPCEmu emulates a real Risc
> PC).

Apologies for my inexperience here! Because !Boot.Loader existed on the
EasyBundle files I assumed that it was being used and was necessary.

> You could try running ADFFS on RISC OS 3.7 within RPCEmu (I'm not sure if
> RISC OS 5 running on a Risc PC would be a supported configuration).
> However, some time ago, it was reported that RPCEmu could not run ADFFS -
> this may be fixed in later versions of RPCEmu.

I've tried installing ADFFS on the RISC OS 3.7 and 5 EasyBundles via
PackMan and have had problems on both.

On RISC OS 5 I can install ADFFS and it can be loaded. I can also install
games from JASPP via PackMan, but they are not playable, freezing on load
or on the splash screen.

On RISC OS 3.7 I can install ADFFS via PackMan but ADFFS cannot be loaded.
I get the message "Application may have gone wrong. Click Continue to try
to resume or Quit to stop Application." Clicking Details gives "Internal
error: abort on data transfer at &0226C9B4".

I'm not familiar enough with RISC OS to have an idea how to solve this I'm

Another option is to use Arculator, which emulates an Archimedes-class
> machine, so you can run RISC OS 2 or 3.1 as necessary.  ADFFS could still
> be helpful here for compatibility, but you might find the games work
> without it.  Last time I checked, though, there was no macOS build of
> Arculator.  I did have some success getting it working under Wine, but that
> was a couple of years ago.

It looks like someone played with this a couple of years ago.


A Pi is the easiest way.  :)

Probably true! I'm not sure I'm able to pursue that at the moment, or

It's a shame things don't work on RPCEmu - this would be a nice solution,
and getting RISC OS going was a matter of moments. I was very impressed
with how straightforward it was.

Many thanks and best wishes,
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