[Rpcemu] Revised Mac patch for 0.9.2

Timothy Coltman lists at maemagel.com
Sun Mar 1 10:44:36 PST 2020

Hello all

Please find attached a revised Mac patch that implements keyboard and network support in RPCEmu.  This incorporates a fix for the loading of the 'netroms/EtherRPCEm,ffa' file that was kindly contributed by David Pitt.

You should unpack the ZIP file in the "rpcemu-0.9.2/src" folder and apply the patch from there, i.e.:

	patch -p0 -i ./rpcemu-0.9.2-mac-patch-v3.diff

The patch should successfully apply without error.  Next, change into the "qt5" folder, and type the following:

	make -j4

(Increase the 4 to however many cores you've got.)

This should produce an "rpcemu-interpreter.app" application in the top-level "rpcemu-0.9.2" folder.  Double-click to run in the normal way.

As ever, comments and bug reports are welcome.


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