[Rpcemu] RPCEmu macOS mouse behaviour

Andrew Hodgkinson ahodgkin at riscosopen.org
Sun Mar 22 15:54:54 PDT 2020

On 23 Mar 2020, at 9:14, Peter Howkins wrote:

> You correctly note we use a heuristic to determine eigen values for 
> the display and mouse. Eigen values are entirely a RISC OS concept, 
> the VIDC hardware doesn't know about them.

Thanks for taking the time to write up such a detailed response. It's 
very useful to understand the thinking and design behind that particular 
code section. As far as EX0/EY0 goes, it is a difficult problem; the 
scaling is only known to the OS and the emulator can't restrict itself 
to specific OS versions or related assumptions. It's quite common for 
VMWare / Parallels-like VM solutions to include hosted-OS software that 
you install within the VM environment which allow the host OS and hosted 
OS to communicate - perhaps one day we might e.g. have a RISC OS module 
compatible with as wide-as-possible a range of RISC OS versions that 
communicates useful settings like eigenvalues through to the emulator.

In view of everything you've said, it might be that the patch I've been 
using isn't a great idea, though it is *only* having any effect when 
"mousehack" has been configured 'on' by the user. Tim's discovery of the 
accessibility features setting gives away what must've been going on 
with the UUID variations in behaviour. That said, under Linux we also 
see the exact same behaviour and the "mousehack" mode plus patch does 
seem to do the trick there too. It is definitely advantageous to be able 
to access the menu bar and get out of full screen mode in Mac OS, and 
advantageous to be able to thereafter scale the RPCEmu window and have 
the mouse coordinates still correctly mapped.

It's excellent to hear that at last for Mac OS, we can use the 
accessibility features setting to get things working in non-hack mode. 
For those using multiple binaries or on Linux, perhaps the patch will be 
a benefit.

Sorry to those who spotted there was no patch attached to my original 
message. I *did* attach it, but suspect the mailing list software 
rejected a ".patch" attachment. Since Tim's had success with a ".zip" 
file, I've attached it again, ZIPped up this time. Fingers crossed.

Andrew Hodgkinson
RISC OS Open Limited
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