[Rpcemu] RPCEmu macOS mouse behaviour

David Pitt pittdj at pittdj.co.uk
Thu Mar 26 04:39:05 PDT 2020

In message <601FFCCA-2F8E-4FEE-A579-66899E79ADCA at riscosopen.org>
  "Andrew Hodgkinson" <ahodgkin at riscosopen.org> wrote:

> I copied the executable onto a Catalina Mac from work that's never run
> it before and added it into the Accessibility section of the Security
> system preferences as described elsewhere. With this done, the mouse
> pointer in non-host mode did work as expected and per Peter's
> explanation. In this mode, EX0/EY0 stuff works just fine, so I was
> delighted to be able to run a true retina mode X3072 Y1920 C256 EX0
> EY0 and for the first time ever, run a good-sized RISC OS desktop in
> native "retina mode". Fun!

On a 27" 5K display I have got this far :-

WimpMode X3200 Y2160 C256 EX0 EY0

As far as I can see 'certain measures' need to be taken to avoid a 
2048 size limit.

Impressive though.
David Pitt

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