[Rpcemu] New 0.9.3 Mac binary release

Timothy Coltman lists at maemagel.com
Fri May 8 06:51:10 PDT 2020

Hello all

Following yesterday's release of 0.9.3, I have built a Mac binary, which is now available for download from its new home:


The 0.9.3a release includes all the patches from the previous version, and fixes two issues:

* The missing "hostfs" folder is now included in the "Data" directory inside the DMGs.
* The key you can hold down at startup to bring up the dialogue that prompts you to choose where the emulator data (ROMs, CMOS, hard drive images, etc) resides has been changed from CTRL to SHIFT.  This is to make it easier to trigger the dialogue as the application starts (the Mac interprets CTRL+click as a right click).

As ever, bugs/comments/suggestions are welcome.


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