[Rpcemu] Installing to Linux

Andrew Hodgkinson ahodgkin at riscosopen.org
Sun May 10 13:40:03 PDT 2020

On 11 May 2020, at 2:25, John McCartney wrote:

> [...] interpreter or the dynamic recompiler [...]
> What's the difference and on what basis should I base my
> decision?

The interpreter is slow but accurate, treating each ARM instruction 
sequence it encounters as if it were the for first time and translating 
them over and over. The recompiler tries to remember previously 
converted sequences, which increases speed a great deal but because of 
the complexities of CPUs and the recompilation process, this can reduce 
emulation accuracy and cause problems with some pieces of software.

I recommend you build both. Use the recompiler version normally, but if 
you encounter crashes you wouldn't expect from a normal RISC OS machine, 
switch to the interpreter version.

Andrew Hodgkinson
RISC OS Open Limited
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