[Rpcemu] RPCEmu 0.9.3

Dave dave at triffid.co.uk
Mon May 11 07:15:43 PDT 2020

G'day friends and neighbours in RISC OS.

I have a little problem I can't fathom and wondered if anyone might know
the answer.

I have an older RPCEmu install that started out a while back and it has
been running RISC OS 5.27 for quite a while, and I've also updated the
RPCEmu version from 0.9.2 to 0.9.3

It started out with earlier versions of 5.nn and has been fully update as
new versions became available, both of RPCEmu and RISC OS 5.nn.

Still works okay...

Out of interest, just because(Nb) I downloaded the new zipped bundle and
created another RPCEmu install... The RISC OS Direct 5.27 version.

No problems, ran okay straight after extraction out of the zip.

As there's no ShareFS... :-( 
I've taken some of my most used apps on the old RPCEmu 5.27 install, put
them in a SparkFS zip archive and transferred that to the new RISC OS
Direct install.

I've put them all in place and they all work okay with the exception of
one... There always one... ;-)

MenuBar (David Holden) version 2.17

On the old RPCEmu install, Menu bar is in the Boot run configuration and
it runs perfectly okay to the screen during the boot up process.

On the RISC OS Direct install, during boot it fails with...
"File '<MenuBar$Dir>.Templates' not found at line 3372"

I do assure you the Templates file is there inside the MenuBar app dir.

So for the time being (Dr Who) I've taken MenBar out of the Boot config.

The first time I manually double click !MenuBar I get the same error
message, so I click that away and on the second try, MenuBar runs to the
screen okay.

Anyone have ideas please?


Nb: While I use MS-Windows for work, I use RISC OS (Any version for Fun).



Dave Triffid

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