[Rpcemu] New 0.9.3 Mac binary release

David Feugey dfeugey at ascinfo.fr
Tue May 12 11:23:14 PDT 2020

In message <1FD80490-F4A3-477E-B6AF-1D35985CBD96 at maemagel.com>
          Timothy Coltman <lists at maemagel.com> wrote:

> On 12 May 2020, at 18:22, David Feugey <dfeugey at ascinfo.fr> wrote:
>> In message <D0BE10CB-6ABB-4157-85FD-314D4206F389 at maemagel.com>
>>          Timothy Coltman <lists at maemagel.com> wrote:
>>> Hello all
>>> Following yesterday's release of 0.9.3, I have built a Mac binary, which
>>> is now available for download from its new home:
>>> https://github.com/Septercius/rpcemu-dev/releases
>> Hi Timothy.
>> A friend of mine can't open the DMG on his Mac (with the latest version os
>> macOS). Is there a way to get a zip version?

> Strange.  Has anyone else run into a problem with the DMGs?  I can
> re-upload if you want.

Here, we are specialists of strange problems. I have the "reduce CPU 
usage" one. I'm the only one where it does not work... on 4 differents 
computers. About 10 more to tests :)

On the other hand, I'm mister bug. If it can crash, it will.

> Is your friend getting an error message?  Have they tried downloading again?

Nothing, it just not mounting. He tries with some archive expander: same 
result. I told him to try DiscAid. No answer so far.

> If it helps, the MD5 hashes for the DMGs are:

> MD5 (RPCEmu-0.9.3a-Debug.dmg) = eff4ec31b2554664bd9edfab6d461121
> MD5 (RPCEmu-0.9.3a-Release.dmg) = 0a33b06f2c60bda9cded67a63844109b

> There is a command-line utility (md5) that you can access from the
> Terminal to compute the hashes so you can compare.  (See here:
> https://www.mjdtech.net/how-to-check-md5-checksum-in-os-x-terminal/
> <https://www.mjdtech.net/how-to-check-md5-checksum-in-os-x-terminal/>)

Thanks Tim, I did transmit this information to Jean-Marc.
Stay tuned!


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