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dfeugey at ascinfo.fr dfeugey at ascinfo.fr
Wed May 13 09:50:19 PDT 2020

Le 2020-05-13 17:23, Timothy Coltman a écrit :
>> On 13 May 2020, at 16:13, Martin <rinfo at avisoft.f9.co.uk> wrote:
>> On 19 Jan in article
>> <43A04D6E-FF1C-4464-A8BE-D460584F85AD at maemagel.com>,
>>   Timothy Coltman <lists at maemagel.com> wrote:
>>>> Because RPCEmu has no mechanism from within it to set up and
>>>> display a Mount.
>>> Perhaps this might be of interest:
>>> https://ibb.co/B3ZYH1D <https://ibb.co/B3ZYH1D>
>>> https://ibb.co/PzNnysk <https://ibb.co/PzNnysk>
>>> (Hopefully the images work - let me know if not.)
>>> It's not ready for public release yet, and it really needs some
>>> people to test it before it gets submitted to the mailing list.
>> That facility would be *very* useful, especially when trying to test
>> something on lots of versions of RISC OS.
>> I only hope it is cross-platform, and not Mac specific?
> It will be cross-platform, yes.
> Tim
Problem(s) found...

For Jean-Marc, all downloads of the current DMG are corrupted (Firefox 
on macOS). But if zipped, no problem. So I just downloaded the DMG with 
NetSurf, zipped it with SparkFS and sent it to him for test :)

Could I suggest that you zip the next DMG?

Other problem, Jean-Marc have on old Mac, that can't support Catalina. 
Your DMG contains an APFS volume image, not a HFS+ one, so it's not 
possible to open it. Is it possible make some HFS+ DMG for the next 
update? And also for Jean-Marc, as he would love to test the current 
version :)

Thanks, David

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