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dfeugey at ascinfo.fr dfeugey at ascinfo.fr
Wed May 13 23:01:17 PDT 2020

Le 2020-05-13 22:59, Peter Howkins a écrit :

         - Universal print bridge from one only RISC OS PS driver

     Are you planning on writing one?

I have one.
Made with a listener on the host side.

     It seems as if a large number of these suggestions are "It would be
     better if I could pretend the Host OS wasn't there". RPCEmu is about
     running RISC OS and its applications on the Host, not running Host
     applications under RISC OS, there's such a ludicrous amount of work
     there for so little benefit that I'm not not interested in pursuing

This subject is going really to far.
That was just - at first - a suggestion.

CallWin32 did exist and was quite funny. With better security (selected 
API, selected calls, user confirmation, or just a big warning) it could 

Now, it's your project. Your choices.
I did not suggest that to bother you.

     Working around RISC OSs lack of applications in a system emulator of 
     26 year old piece of hardware is pretty ridiculous.

This time, since RISC OS is used for my business: my choices ;)
But perhaps I'm ridiculous to use it after all.

Thanks for all the answers.
Bye, David

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