[Rpcemu] Fun with easy-start bundles

Peter Veltmans peter.veltmans at skynet.be
Thu May 14 12:44:09 PDT 2020

Hi all !

I liked 'playing' with RISC OS on the Raspberry Pi. Yet it always
remained something of a difficulty, as I always had to manually change
the connection to the screen. And yes, I know there is a possibility to
connect through some sort of remote display. I just never got around to

So, I am VERY pleased with the Easy-Start-Bundles !

Now I can enjoy RISC OS through my main computer setup, which runs
Ubuntu 18.04, with the MATE desktop. And I even get network connection,
out of the box !

Thank you so much for this pleasure !

Just one small remark: starting rpcemu from the command line (after
compiling, of course) was straightforward. Starting it from the
menusystem of the desktop however, was not. It gave an error,
complaining about some files not being present (./roms, for example). I
checked and lo and behold, the roms were present.

So I surmised that the menusystem just didn't change directory in a
clear way. So I made up a little script (called RISCOS5.sh), with the
following content:

# A script to start RPCemu with RISCOS 5!
cd /home/USER/PROGRAMS/RPCEmu/rpcemu-0.9.3-recompiler-RISCOS5

I made another script (called RISCOS371.sh) for the Easy-Start-Bundle
with RISC OS 3.71, in the same fashion.

Both scripts were saved in a directory called RPCEmu (in my case under
another directory, called PROGRAMS) in my home-folder. Of course these
scripts could be placed anywhere where one has read-and-write access. 

After that I just edited the menu-system of Ubuntu MATE, created two new
items in the menu-system and pointed each towards their respective script.

That did it :-)

Both instances of RISC OS emulated through RPCEmu now start from their
own menu-item.
I realize that this is not great programming. Yet, perhaps this might be
helpful for others trying to 'play' with RISC OS on Linux?

Just remember two things about such scripts:

1. adjust the path to where your installation of the compiled rpcemu
2. make sure the scripts are executable.

Thanks again and keep up the good work !


Peter Veltmans

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