[Rpcemu] Chocks Away emulation a little speedy

Bryan Hogan rpcemu at helpful.demon.co.uk
Fri May 15 07:35:21 PDT 2020

Ah, nostalgic fun :-)

I've now tried Chocks Away myself (and "wasted" several hours!) and have 
found that changing the RPCEmu screen refresh rate down to 25Hz does slow 
it down.

In message <7AE766D8-F4B1-4CEE-A9DC-9E1D927102F0 at gmx.net> you wrote:

> The second issue I had is that unlike on the original hardware, the mouse
> pointer crawls up the screen when displaying the game menu

Yes I got this too when running in a window, but not in Full Screen mode, 
which uses different mouse handling.

Better news is that Chocks Away 2, aka Extra Missions, works fine. No 
problem with the mouse handling and it runs at the correct speed :-)


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