[Rpcemu] Installing to Linux (John McCartney)

Bryan Hogan rpcemu at helpful-demon.co.uk
Fri May 29 16:16:45 PDT 2020

In message <da7dec82-5ea5-f619-d8ea-f9482f0a621c at skynet.be>
          Peter Veltmans <peter.veltmans at skynet.be> wrote:

> #!/bin/bash
> #
> # A script to start RPCemu with RISCOS 5!
> #
> cd /home/USER/PROGRAMS/RPCEmu/rpcemu-0.9.3-recompiler-RISCOS5
> ./rpcemu-recompiler

You could make the script more generic by doing:

cd $(dirname $0)

That way it will change directory to its own location, so it can be 
dropped straight into all the versions of RPCEmu you have.


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