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Maintained by: Richard Atterer
Description: raFS allows users of RISC OS 3.71 and below to have long filenames and as many files in a single directory as they wish.
OS Restrictions: Not 32-bit compatible
Languages: Dutch, English, German
Alternatives: ArcFS, SparkFS, X-Files, other image filing systems
Website: http://atterer.net/riscos.html

Historical Notes

RISC OS has had long filename support since the release of RISC OS 4 in 1999, so this utility is only needed for those using very old versions of RISC OS, or trying to retrieve data saved on old-format disks (E or F format or earlier) under RISC OS versions 3.71 and earlier.

Note that if RISC OS 3.1 is being run under RedSquirrel, it is not affected by the infamous 77-file-per-directory limit. RedSquirrel uses HostFS and thus supports long file names and unlimited files per directory.

There is a separate article discussing the different long filename storage philosophies used by LongFiles, raFS and X-Files.

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