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riscos.info accepts bug reports against any program hosted here, or against the site itself. These can include obvious faults, feature requests, or the simplest of suggested fixes. We previously had a Bugzilla instance for holding a bug database, but this became a target of spam. For now please post bug reports to the GCCSDK mailing list where many of the developers congregate.


Bug reporting needs to follow certain guidelines to be useful to developers. It needs to have comprehensive details, and ideally be repeatable. The following guide is required reading before submitting any bugs to riscos.info:

What is valid to report

Anything related to software hosted on riscos.info. This includes:

  • Regular bugs, and obvious faults in software
  • Feature requests in existing software
  • Updates of existing riscos.info ports
  • Updates of ports elsewhere, where the developer might not have any further interest
  • Requests for new ports

The last is of particular note - it allows us to track all the related problems that immediately prevent porting of a given piece of software.

How to report a bug

Where relevant, please include:

  • Version of RISC OS
  • Repeatable steps
  • Where to get the source, if it's a port/update request
  • Any valid URLs, mailing list/usenet related information.
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