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X-Files allows users of RISC OS 3.71 and below to have as many files and directories (with names longer than 10 characters) in a single directory as they wish, which they cannot do with a standard RISC OS filecore disc. X-Files is implemented as an Image Filing System, which means all the files and directories are kept within one RISC OS file (the "image")which can be opened just like it was a directory as long as the X-Files module is active.

X-Files was written in 1996 by Andy Armstrong.

X-Files is now very tricky to find but can be downloaded from http://www.mirror.ac.uk/collections/hensa-micros/local/riscos/filemanager/xfiles.zip

Version 0.57 (which is believed to be the last version) including the source code and a recovery tool if something goes wrong with the archive can be downloaded from http://ftp.uni-stuttgart.de/pub/systems/acorn/riscos/util/fileutils/xf.zip

Others programs to do some, most or more of the things that X-Files does are available - RaFS, Win95FS, TBAFS, SparkFS, ArcFS, KleinFS...pick your choice.

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