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Maintained by: Mike Sandells
Description: AMPlay is a front end for the AMPlayer MP3 module, with features aimed at managing large MP3 collections.
OS Restrictions: RISC OS 3.7 or later
Languages: English
Alternatives: AMPlayer example front end, AMP, DigitalCD, ROTunes.

Main Features

  • Structured mp3 database in terms of artists, albums and tracks.
  • Highly scalable - tested to 100,000 tracks with default settings.
  • Comprehensive filtering system.
  • Highly flexible control of playback order, including;
    • Randomisation is possible at the artist, album or track level, or any combination thereof (e.g. pick artist at random, play albums in normal order, but shuffle tracks within albums)
    • Linked items (kept together when shuffling)
    • Weighting (ability to influence the item picker)
    • "Ignore uniqueness" (play item even if it has been played recently).
  • History of played items / Queue of yet to be played items.
  • Relative volume.

Other Information

  • Written in BASIC, relying on the DrWimp library, and compiled with the ABC compiler from Castle.
  • 26/32 bit neutral.
  • Source available.
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