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The BeagleBoard is a development board for the TI OMAP3530 system-on-chip.



  • Texas Instruments OMAP3530 processor
  • 128 or 256 MiB DDR RAM (depends on revision)
  • 256 MiB NAND Flash
  • I/O connections:
    • DVI-D via HDMI connector
    • S-Video
    • USB On-The-Go
    • USB host (revision C only)
    • SD/MMC
    • Stereo audio
    • RS-232
    • JTAG
    • +5 VDC power

Hardware Revisions


The B revisions of the BeagleBoard do not have USB host support, and only have 128 MiB RAM.


The C revisions add a direct LCD interface, enable USB host support, and double RAM to 256 MiB. In addition, revision C3 provides support for a backup battery for the real time clock.

-xM rev. A

The -xM board incorporates the following revisions:

  • on-board USB hub with 10/100 Ethernet port and 4no. USB ports
  • 1Ghz DM3730 SoC (nearly identical to and fully software compatible with OMAP3630)
  • 512MB DRAM
  • microSD socket (push-push type, as used in some digital cameras etc.)
  • on-board NAND flash removed
  • expansion and LCD headers populated with connectors
  • addition of camera port
  • still no direct VGA connection possible
  • serial connection via DB-9 connector rather than IDC header
  • slight increase in board size, although mounting holes and expansion header locations are to be maintained


Current derivatives

IGEPv2 board

BeagleBoard-derived design adding ethernet (SMSC LAN922i,) 802.11b/g WiFi (Marvell 86W8686B1,) Bluetooth 2.0 (CSR BC4ROM/21e,) and with 512 MiB each DDR SDRAM and NAND Flash.

Embest DevKit8000

Similar to BeagleBoard, but does not use Package-on-Package memory. Only has 128 MiB each DDR SDRAM and NAND Flash. Has ethernet, provided by a Davicom DM9000 chip.


Does not use Package-on-Package memory. Has more exposed pins on expansion interface. v2 is similar to BeagleBoard B revisions, albeit only with 128 MiB NAND Flash. v3 is similar to BeagleBoard C2, but with 512 MiB NAND Flash instead of 256.


BeagleBoard-derived design adding power over Ethernet and USB.

Always Innovating Touch Book

The Always Innovating Touch Book is a commercial tablet PC/netbook device based on a modified BeagleBoard B7 design, with similar specifications to the BeagleBoard C2.

Discontinued derivatives

EBVBeagle Board

Clone of BeagleBoard C2 and C4, identical in layout and function, shipped with DVI and serial cables, AC adapter, 2 GiB MMC card, 4-port USB hub, and USB ethernet adapter.

RISC OS port

Jeffrey Lee is working on porting RISC OS 5 to the BeagleBoard as part of the RISC OS Open project.

Further information is available in the RISC OS Open wiki. RISC OS Open also builds and hosts ROM releases, etc.

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