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CDVDBurn is the definitive CD and DVD writing application for RISC OS.

It uses a standard drag and drop system for creation of data discs.


  • Create Data CDs
  • Create Data DVDs
  • Create Audio CDs
  • Create mixed-mode CDs (first track data, other tracks audio)
  • Create CD Extra (first session audio, second session data)
  • Supports CDR, CDRW, DVD+R, DVD+RW, DVD-RW media


Limitations are generally due to RISC OS issues:

  • CDFS does not accurately read data beyond the first 4GB of a DVD burned with CDVDBurn
  • No RISC OS computer currently has fast enough I/O power to burn at 4x or 8x DVD speeds (4.5 - 9 MB/s)

A list of supported drives is available on the website



The predecessor to CDVDBurn. Started life in 1997 as SCSI-only and one-supported-drive and kept up to date to cater for the ever-changing range of drives and drive access APIs. Works on nearly all machines with at least RISC OS 3.10 with nearly all integrated and 3rd party IDE and SCSI controllers. Bug fixing is still done, however new features will only be implemented in CDVDBurn.


A cut down version of CDBurn is provided with the IYONIX pc. It will only function with the provided CDRW drive and only works with the IYONIX pc IDE subsystem. Other features missing include multi-tasking writing operations, some configuration settings (like performance tuning, ISO9660 name translation tables), disc-at-once for Audio CDs, German translation and multisession capability.

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