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Maintained by: Nettle developers
Description: Nettle is the premier terminal emulator and telnet client for RISC OS. It uses ZapRedraw for a speedy display and is a fast, clean native implementation.
OS Restrictions: Requires RISC OS 3.10 or later
Languages: English, French, German
Alternatives: None


Nettle supports most common terminal types, including vt100, vt102, vt220 and xterm terminal emulation in full colour, along with some more exotic features which you might not expect from a terminal emulation program, such as URL launching – just double-click on any URL that is displayed in a Nettle window and it will launch in to your browser. Nettle also has an ANSI Task task window feature, which allows unix programs such as ssh, lynx, BitchX, ncftp2 and nano with ANSI terminal interfaces to be run natively on RISC OS for the first time.

System Requirements

Nettle is built with the StubsG C libraries, to allow it to run unmodified on both 26 and 32-bit RISC OS variants. Development is mostly done on the latest release of RISC OS Select but everything from RISC OS 3.1 through to RISC OS 5 running Internet module verison 4.xx or 5.xx is supported. Nettle is also supported and tested with VirtualRiscPC-SE. If you're not running Select 2, 3 or Adjust then you'll also need the SocketWatch module.

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