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Photodesk is the main commercial bitmap editor for RISC OS. Main features include:

  • Supports 24-bit RGB and CMYK images, and 8-bit paletted images (including greyscale)
  • Full alpha channels with transparency
  • Handles layers
  • Supports many bitmap image formats, including Sprite, JPEG, PNG, GIF, Photoshop and TIFF
  • Can import Draw and ArtWorks vector graphics files
  • Special effects modules for posterisation, pixelising, channel mapping, image cloning, hatching, contouring etc
  • Multiple sharpening and blurring tools
  • Image processing including gamma adjustment, equalisation, colour balancing, convolution etc
  • Interactive texture explorer
  • User-definable airbrushes and paint brushes, and a magic wand tool
  • Radial/linear gradients and texture mapping
  • Full range of selection tools
  • Drawing tools for vector objects, and full text handling

Photodesk costs 84UKP (upgrades also available) and can be obtained from CJE Micro's.

The program is currently being maintained by Niklaus Weiss. For more information, join the Photodesk mailing list.

There is an independent Photodesk support site at, with a number of tutorials and graphics resources.

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