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Maintained by: Richard Atterer
Description: raFS allows users of RISC OS 3.71 and below to have long filenames and as many files in a single directory as they wish, even if the underlying filesystem has such limits (i.e. typically Filecore with its 10 characters per filename and 77 objects per directory).
OS Restrictions: Not 32-bit compatible
Languages: Dutch, English, German
Alternatives: ArcFS, SparkFS, X-Files, other image filing systems
Website: http://atterer.org/riscos

Historical Notes

RISC OS has had long filename support since the release of RISC OS 4 in 1999, so this utility is only needed for those using very old versions of RISC OS, or trying to retrieve data saved on old-format disks (E or F format or earlier) under RISC OS versions 3.71 and earlier.

Note that if RISC OS 3.71 or earlier is being run under RedSquirrel or another emulator that supports HostFS like VirtualRPC or RPCEmu, it is not affected by the infamous 77-file-per-directory limit if HostFS is used. The same is true for other filing systems beyond Filecore like Win95FS, FAT32FS, LanManFS, LanMan98 or NFS on any RISC OS machine.

There is a separate article discussing the different long filename storage philosophies used by LongFiles, raFS and X-Files.

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