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SpecialFX icon
Maintained by: Richard Hallas
Description: SpecialFX improves the appearance of the desktop by anti-aliasing Draw files and blending fonts, and fixes a particular printing issue for some users
OS Restrictions: RO3.5+
Languages: English only
Alternatives: None
Website: http://www.hallas.demon.co.uk/Software/SFX/


[Extracted from the SpecialFX homepage]

SpecialFX is a RISC OS patch which modifies the behaviour of some aspects of the operating system. All of its functions should work correctly on any system running RISC OS 3.7 or later, and it has been tested successfully with the latest versions of RISC OS issued through the Select scheme and on the IYONIX pc. It performs three basic operations:

  1. It allows any programs that use vector graphics in their windows (i.e. drawn items rather than bitmap graphics) to enhance the appearance of those graphics by anti-aliasing them;
  2. It allows all applications that use outline fonts to improve the appearance of text by blending the characters' edges to the underlying screen contents (useful if the text background is multicoloured), rather than using the more traditional 'single-colour background to single-colour foreground' anti-aliasing of RISC OS fonts;
  3. It cures a particular printing problem experienced by users of certain types of printer, most notably for Calligraph direct-drive laser printers.
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