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Stick is a small Basic program which can be used to create wimp applications with virtually no programming - so long as the only wimp actions involved are clicks on, or drags to, the application's iconbar-icon.

A sticky application must run stick from its !Run file giving as a commandline argument the pathname of its own directory. It must contain a template file called Templates which must contain the template of a window called info for use by the application's iconbar-menu. It may contain an Obey file called !Drag which is executed when a filer-object is dragged onto the application's iconbar-icon. The pathname of the object dragged is given as a parameter. It may also contain Obey files called !Select and !Adjust which are executed when a double-click is made on the respective button when the pointer is over the iconbar-icon. The application should also have a conventional !Help file.

If no !Select file is present then !Drag is used instead, with no commandline argument. If !Drag is also missing, then !Run is used, with no commandline argument. If !Adjust is missing, the application's directory will be filer_opened by double-clicking Adjust on the iconbar-icon.

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