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Maintained by: Rik Griffin
Description: Toolbox gadget to allow several nested windows to be switched easily by the user
OS Restrictions: RISC OS 3+
Languages: none
Alternatives: none
Website: none

Tabs is a Toolbox gadget written by Rik Griffin. The gadget allows one of several nested window objects to be displayed depending on which tab the user selects.

Tabs can be downloaded from the RISC OS Packing Project, using !RiscPkg. If you don't have !RiscPkg, download the bootstrap version from . Then use it to download the full version of !RiscPkg. Finally install the package "Tabs". Also install "Tabs-Dev" if you want the C header files and SWI veneers, which are only required if you wish to write an application that uses the gadget.

The latest version of Tabs is 0.10. Pending an update to the package (which still contains 0.09) the new version can be downloaded from

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